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Hydro Test


Objective /Outline scope :

Hydro testing a mechanical hydro testing done for piping, boiler, condenser (shell or tube side),
to ensure welding or any fitting done as per requirement set. If leaking found then a re-welding
or re-tightening process will be in place.

  1. Scope
    1. This specification covers all pressure tests of vessels that require verification of design and test pressure within the workshop or work site
    2. Where it has been established by the client, its representative, the Jurisdiction and the AI that these specifications are not adequate, either during the review of the ITP or prior to the pressure tests, the Technical Manager shall be responsible to establishing testing specifications [e.g. testing at minimum design temperature or lower than ambient], with approval from all relevant parties.
  2. Pressure Test Medium
    1. For all intent, the medium shall be potable water, and where pH level is specified shall fall between pH 6.5 to 7.5.
    2. No laboratory analysis of the water nor additional filtration of water will be carried out unless otherwise required.
  3. Pressure Test, Temperature, Rating and Duration
    1. All pressure tests shall be carried out under cover within the ambient temperature between 25 ºC to 35 ºC.
    2. The test pressure and other specifications shall be defined in drawings and/or calculations (where available).
    3. The duration of the test shall not be less than described per code and contract, In all cases, the hydrotest shall be carried out for at least ½ hour if no specifications are provided.
  4. Fitting & pumps
    1. Proper arrangement shall be carried out for the water filling pipe connection from the water resource point and providing high pressure ball & check NRV valves wherever required.
    2. The pressure rating at 20, 000 psi applicable for all related valves and high pressure fittings
  5. Low Pressure Hydro Testing
    1. Low pressure hydro testing shall done using a hand carry pneumatic hydro test pump with 6bar compressed air, (Hiforce 20lpm x 10 000psi) pneumatic driven unit
    2. High pressure hydro testing for related piping to test shall done proper engagement with high pressure fitting which connected to high pressure machine (KAMAT 50lpm x 20 000psi) diesel /electrical driven pump.
Diesel driven hydro testing unit NRV check valve-20k Pneumatic hydro test unit Pressure test recorder 20bar
Diesel driven hydro testing unit NRV check valve-20k Pneumatic hydro test unit Pressure test recorder 20bar