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High pressure flushing



Objective/Outline Scope: WATER AS A TOOL

The guidelines cover the use of high pressure pump for hydro jetting and roto system on heat exchanger bundle, pipes (tube internal, shell side, end covers and U bend Straight pipes).

The cleaning parameters covers on removing the harden scales, clogged material, soft scales and hard polymers, from the internal of pipe line in various diameters.



Nominal diameter involved from 16.00mm till 150mm which best app
lied with this cleaning method. Heat exchanger tubes, U bend and strait tubes are very usually categories in this cleaning practice. The ideology is to remove the bad/harden scales using cutting/cross jet, RTG, WHARTOG, BARACUDA nozzles system to get though a flow and followed with polishing nozzles as after cleaning process.

This cleaning best applied at 1200bar 70-80LPM



A pipe internal cleaning technique using high flow capacity machines for flushing an internal of nominal bore pipes & tubes

from 100mm ≤ unlimited diameters with a high flow of water approx 110LPM and above at 1200bar. This cleaning system required more water to remove any hard and loose scales with added support of ROTOFAN. The practicewillflush throw any dia pipes which in vertical or horizontal placement and capable to rotate 360º while internal of pipes, to obtain better result and quick cleaning process.



The added advantage of this flushing system being very practical manner as added to a few :

High pressure flushing system playing a part of reducing the plant shutdown cost, timing also reduces the cost of bundle being retube. The highest priority is to allow plant owner to save their time and cost being shutdown a plant due to clogged piping or tubes.


Untitled-3Various types of nozzles applied for ROTOFANROTOFAN-SCHEMATIC-DRAWING-USING-1200BAR

cleaning of pipe & tube internals.